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Teaching Cannabis Users About The World Of Insurance

“Yeah, I Need Life Insurance, but what is this Premium Thing?”

While we all may see the benefit of term life insurance, no one really likes paying for it. But, like anything else nothing is free so when we do spend money we want to be sure were getting a return on our money. For instance, Medical is definitely one form of insurance that accomplishes this, […]

A lot of Untapped Green When It Comes to Cannabis

According to estimates from Marijuana Business Daily the total demand for marijuana including the preeminent black market is $45-$50 Billion. In that scenario if nationwide legalization were to occur the cannabis industry would outsell ice-cream and popular snacks (Doritos, Cheetos, and Funyuns) together by $35B on the conservative side. However, that’s only taking into account […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Life Insurance

As you may know life insurance can be very critical to your family’s livelihood. However, the concept of life insurance can be difficult to understand with so many different components. So, in this blog I will walk you through the 10 most important things you need to know about life insurance.   If you are […]

$24 Billion Worth of Green

That’s right by 2025 the marijuana industry is projected to be worth approximately $24B. A data analytics firm aimed to track out the long-term potential for the industry and came up with this valuation. However, a federal rescheduling of the drug or crackdown could throw a major wrench into these projections. Not only are they […]

I Smoke Marijuana! Can I Get Life Insurance?

That’s an interesting question that continues to be asked due to the rapid change in perception of marijuana. Now that most Americans view legalization as favorable, states continue to pass legislation regarding both the medical and recreational usage. However, legislation is doing much more than just allowing individuals to smoke with many other industries like […]

“Sure, I Smoke Marijuana, but Why Do I Need Life Insurance?”

This is a common question I often get asked with many not understanding the benefit life insurance provides their family. While it may not be ideal to contemplate the what ifs of life it’s still in your best long-term interest. Just imagine if something catastrophic were to happen and you were too stubborn to take […]

How Marijuana Users Can Get Life Insurance

When Californians last year stepped into the poll booths late last year and approve Proposition 64, a ballot measure that legalized the recreational use of marijuana, starting in January of 2018.  This would make it as easy to smoke a joint as it would to have a martini at quittin’ time. With each Californian soon […]