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“Yeah, I Need Life Insurance, but what is this Premium Thing?”

While we all may see the benefit of term life insurance, no one really likes paying for it. But, like anything else nothing is free so when we do spend money we want to be sure were getting a return on our money. For instance, Medical is definitely one form of insurance that accomplishes this, […]

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I Smoke Marijuana! Can I Get Life Insurance?

That’s an interesting question that continues to be asked due to the rapid change in perception of marijuana. Now that most Americans view legalization as favorable, states continue to pass legislation regarding both the medical and recreational usage. However, legislation is doing much more than just allowing individuals to smoke with many other industries like […]

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“Sure, I Smoke Marijuana, but Why Do I Need Life Insurance?”

This is a common question I often get asked with many not understanding the benefit life insurance provides their family. While it may not be ideal to contemplate the what ifs of life it’s still in your best long-term interest. Just imagine if something catastrophic were to happen and you were too stubborn to take […]

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