“Sure, I Smoke Marijuana, but Why Do I Need Life Insurance?”

“Sure, I Smoke Marijuana, but Why Do I Need Life Insurance?”

April 11, 2017 / Comments (0)

This is a common question I often get asked with many not understanding the benefit life insurance provides their family. While it may not be ideal to contemplate the what ifs of life it’s still in your best long-term interest. Just imagine if something catastrophic were to happen and you were too stubborn to take out a policy to secure your family. You would be doing a disservice to not only your family who depends on you but also your personal value. Think about what it would look like if you left your spouse and children in the cold. Because of this and the uncertainty we all live through I will walk you through some of the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a life insurance policy.


  • Life insurance provides your family with the cash to cover financial obligations.
  • You may enjoy a more favorable tax treatment than other financial instruments.
  • Policies may be flexible in adjusting to policyholders needs such as your death benefit and premiums being adjusted at different times.
  • Cash value may be tax favorable if you need to pull funds from them. However, you will not generate the same return as if you left them in the policy.


  • You will forego current expenditures to pay a premium that will typically benefit others.
  • The cash surrender value will be less than the premiums paid in the first few years and if surrendered may not be able to recuperate policy value.
  • The purchase decision and process for getting life insurance can be annoying especially if you don’t have well experienced agents like here at Giggle Insurance.

As with anything else there is always the other side of the coin to contemplate. However, when it comes to life insurance you can clearly see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you smoke marijuana, you not only want to enjoy life but also ensure your family’s long-term security. That’s why here at Giggle we can help you accomplish both by providing you some of the best marijuana life insurance agents who can get you the best quote for you.


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