Life Insurance For Marijuana User In Massachusetts

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[text_faq text1=”Most people want to get the best possible rating they can when it comes to their life insurance. Why pay more for insurance if you can qualify for a better rate? The problem is that those who use marijuana don’t quite understand if their best option is wait to take their physical and urine samples, bypass applying for a policy, or to grin and bear the process of potentially getting declined by the insurance company. No worries! This is why Giggle Insurance is right for you no matter if you are a recreational user or a medicinal user of marijuana in Massachusetts.”]
[faq title=”Don’t All People Who Use Marijuana In Massachusetts Get Declined By Insurance Companies?” subtitle=”Actually, NOTHING could be further from the truth. With more than half the country legal for medical marijuana and some states now making recreational marijuana legal, each insurance company is now rethinking how they rate and underwrite marijuana users. Just like a bingo board, based upon your sex, age, marijuana usage, and overall health, we can help you find the RIGHT insurance company for you.”][faq title=”Is My Information Confidential?” subtitle=”Absolutely. We maintain 100% confidentiality with all submissions and records.”][faq title=”How Do You Differ From My Local Insurance Agent?” subtitle=”Many insurance agents only work for ONE proprietary company. This means you are held hostage to that company and their underwriting process. Even if you have an independent agent, the odds are they know little to nothing about how to navigate the insurance companies specifically for recreational or medicinal marijuana users in Massachusetts. We are a completely independent, unbiased insurance agency focused on the needs of those who use marijuana products.”][faq title=”How Long Will The Whole Process Take?” subtitle=”Typically, with your cooperation to take the necessary medical requirements, the entire process will take four to eight weeks.”][faq title=”What Types Of Insurance Does Giggle Sell?” subtitle=”We sell Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance. We have partners who can assist with investments. We do both individuals and corporations.”]

We Know How To Underwrite Marijuana Users In Massachusetts!

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