Why Marijuana Users Get Specialized Rates

Marijuana is now legal in 29 states Medically & 8 states Recreationally

Regardless of where you live you will not get declined insurance just because you are a marijuana user.

Millions of Marijuana Users were afraid to pee in a cup

Over 4 million people who were marijuana users lied about their usage while going through the underwriting process. Risking higher premiums, decline, and exile from other insurance companies.

Marijuana Users Can Be Rated Non-Smoker

Due to the significant growth of the marijuana industry over the past few years insurance companies wanted to get ahead of the legislative process and developed guidelines for marijuana users.

Partnered with Top Insurers

We spent countless hours researching the most liberal insurance companies to make sure you get the best rates as a marijuana user.

liberal insurance companies for marijuana users

Secured Special Rates for Marijuana Users

Exclusive Rates:

We offer the bests rates for all marijuana users whether you’re a Bedtime User, Medical Patient, or Business Professional you can be sure you will get the best rates with Giggle Insurance

mr bet apk

Different Types of Insurance Available:

We are the best in understanding how insurance companies underwrite life, disability, long-term care, and property & casualty insurance for marijuana users.

Marijuana User Friendly:

We tailor our services to marijuana users so you don’t have to feel judged for your use of marijuana.

Timely Process:

Our ganjasurers will walk you through the entire underwriting process, from the initial quote all the way to the delivery of your policy.


Privacy is our #1 job and because of HIPAA you have no reason to be concerned about your usage being shared with anyone.

Customer Service:

Our world class service will walk you through the initial quote form all the way to the delivery of your policy.



Just because you’re a marijuana user doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t be able to secure your family’s future!

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